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Cassandrah McKay

Upon completing a bachelor degree in biomedical science (majoring in anatomy/ pharmacology), Cassandrah continued on with a degree in traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture/ Chinese herbs). With a firm grasp of both Western and Eastern ideas of health and healing, she was keen to explore how effective the two modalities would work in conjunction and therefore, completed an internship in one of the training hospitals in Beijing.

'Seeing how effortlessly the hospitals integrated modern research and technologies with the older, more traditional Chinese viewpoint of health and holism was truly inspiring. There was no rigid mindset attached to their choice of treatment, the doctors simply utilised the most effective option, often combining both Eastern and Western therapeutics with remarkable results.'

Already having a desire to work with fertility, the gynecology ward proved to be her favourite. And so with the intent to broaden her understanding of this area further, Cassandrah traveled extensively, undertaking apprenticeships with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners focusing on fertility in South East Asia, UK and Europe. Comprehending how empirical results have been attained over the years is paramount in discerning how progress can be achieved and each of her apprenticeships brought forth different layers of understanding. All of which she combines with her biomedical background; believing the best results are achieved, when the strengths of both modalities are employed.

The knowledge that can be learnt from practitioners with vast experience cannot be surpassed, and has helped transform Cassandrah into the practitioner she is today. She is grateful to her many mentors and the many years spent under their guidance; it has left her with an abiding respect for the responsibility of teaching. Thus, with the desire to help those with the same enthusiasm for learning as she does, Cassandrah completed a postgraduate diploma in Education and was employed as a contract academic at Endeavour College of Natural Health for many years. A position she valued highly.

Cassandrah has since had her own children, after having to have IVF herself. Thus giving her a unique insight into the struggles and heartache of trying to fall pregnant. One of the comments that is regularly repeated by her clients, is that it is so refreshing to talk to someone who understands what they are going through and the measures that are needed to try and achieve not only a pregnancy, but a healthy little baby at the end of it all. Cassandrah has a remarkable level of compassion and empathy, and as such, makes sure that she tailors all therapies to the individual client without overburdening them with unnecessary treatments. Her goal really is healthy parents, healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.