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The Clinic

The clinic offers a full range of services for anyone thinking of having a baby either now or in the future. Full support is offered to individuals and couples through every stage of the journey; from pre-conception, through the duration of the pregnancy, the birthing process and the post-natal period; and whether you are optimising natural fertility or seeking support through IVF or assisted reproductive technologies. No matter what point you are at, the goal is healthy parents, healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. With comfortable and serene treatment rooms, the clinic offers a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Infection control and prevention guidelines are maintained and asepsis is a priority, with all equipment regularly maintained and only top-quality, sterilised, single use needles used. A full herbal dispensary, stocking superior grade Chinese granulated herbs and capsules, along with nutritional supplements is located on premise. The clinic is open 5 days a week, and has appointments available for short notice bookings 6 days a week to accommodate acupuncture at particular days and times according to individual IVF/ assisted reproductive cycles. Please contact the clinic to discuss any enquiries or to arrange an appointment.

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Price & Schedule

*Herbal prices depend upon the individual herbs used and the amount prescribed.
Private Health Insurance Fund rebates applicable - the amount will depend on your level of cover.

The length and course of treatment depends on many factors. The more often you are able to attend the clinic, the more progress can be made. However, it is understood that the frequency of follow-up consultations depends on where a patient lives, their individual circumstances and how they can manage their appointments around their everyday life and work. Nevertheless, it is important to note that regulating a menstrual cycle or attaining a successful outcome with assisted fertility treatments is not based on a few sessions of acupuncture. The greatest results are achieved when the client commits to regular sessions and when they actively contribute to their own health and wellbeing by looking after their diet and exercise regimes as well as making certain lifestyle changes.

For any queries regarding the clinic, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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